Hey Lovelies!

I can’t tell you just how much I was looking forward to getting this delivery. You may have seen my previous mentions about my current skin troubles. I’m a huge Lush skincare fan, I love products that contain natural goodness from essential oils and organic ingredients but I almost felt like my skin had become immune to my products lately. I had first heard of Eve Taylor when I was training at college, and the more I read about them, the more I wanted to try some products, so when I was feeling the need for a new skincare routine I knew exactly where to look.

Eve Taylor facial skincare is split into three categories, balancing, purifying and soothing. As I have oily/combination skin I went for a product from each range. To top off my new skin care routine I also bought a facial oil.

Balancing Cleanser – 200ml RRP £14.59
I love this cleanser, it has a really thick, creamy texture that feels lovely as you apply it to your skin. After use my skin feel super clean without feeling tight or dry. It contains lavender and jasmine along with cucumber and lettuce to cleanser pores. I apply a couple of pumps all over my face and neck and just do a basic facial massage that helps to stimulate your circulation – there’s lots of youtube videos with various routines so worth a look if you’re not sure what to do. I then remove with warm water and some facial sponges (link), if you haven’t invested in some of these then you really should, they save you a small fortune in cotton wool. My skin tends to be on the oilier side but since using this cleanser I have noticed a change for the better, and my pore size has definitely reduced.
Purifying Toner – 200ml RRP £12.89
This is a mildly astringent toner, which means it gets rid of any left over traces of make up or dirt on my skin. It also has antiseptic and anti inflammatory actions, which I hoped would take some of the redness out of my recent break out, and I was pleased to see it really did. Depending on the time of day I either mist over my face and blot with a facial tissue or apply to a cotton pad and then smooth gently over my face; the spritz method is just too intrusive on a morning! The toner contains lavender, aloe vera and has a lovely cooling, soothing effect, I skip cleansing in the morning but can’t apply my make up before I’ve toned and moisturised and this toner is perfect for cleaning and brightening the skin.
Soothing Moisturiser Lotion 200ml RRP £14.59
I chose a lotion instead of a cream as it’s a lighter formula so more easily absorbed; I wanted a mutlifunctional moisturiser that I could apply with my facial oil but also use on a morning before I apply my make up. The moisturiser is super softening containing comfrey and would you believe it…lavender, after the first application my skin felt so smooth. It soaks in quite quickly and doesn’t leave a shine so it’s been perfect to apply on a morning.
Facial Oil Number 3 for Problem Skin – 30ml RRP £11.29
Although I have combination/oily skin I don’t shy away from using oil based moisturisers, in fact I look out for them. A sales assistant in Boots once gave me a sample of The Sanctuary Facial Oil, and had it not been for that I probably would have always assumed they weren’t for use with my skin type but how wrong I was. Oils are so good for your skin (not to mention your hair and nails), I bought this one in hope it might cure my skin problems of late, I’ve only been using the products a couple of weeks so I don’t want to give an opinion too soon but so far so good! From my experience as a beautician I know people with skin problems are hesitant to use oils and moisturisers on their skin for fear of more breakouts but actually dehydrating the skin will only make it worse. Facial oils are for use on all skin types! This facial oil is just lovely, it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t leave a shine, facial oils are much lighter than body oils, it has quite a strong citrus scent due to the lemongrass content, some people might not like that but I love it. Other ingredients include ylang ylang, lavender (of course!), cedarwood, sandalwood, rosewood, hazelnut and advocado, woah! It’s just goodness in a bottle, this is by far my favourite product from my Eve Taylor range and no matter how much make up I may have applied that day, putting this on before bed always makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my skin. They also do facial oils for delicate, sensitive, normal and mature skin so there really is one for everyone! So there’s my little ravey rave, can you tell I like this facial oil? 🙂

Without really meaning to I ordered four products that all contained lavender, which wasn’t really a susrpise as I think lavender can pretty much cure everything! I can genuinely say I have actually been looking forward to taking my (lovingly applied) make up off. The products feel creamy and luxurious and as soon as I put them on my face my skin just goes ‘ahhh’. Although the pricing is towards the higher end when you compare the quantity and the ingredients to similar brands I think they are good value, if you don’t fancy investing in such a large amount of product at the moment then all the products are available in 50ml travel sizes for arond £4-£5. The packaging is simple and sophisticated and I love that the larger products come with a pump dispenser, I tend to use 2 pumps of cleanser, 1 pump of lotion and 1 of the oil so I know these products are going to last ages.

I took a before shot of my bare faced skin to compare with after I’ve given the products a good trial run. Perhaps I’ll post it on here in a few weeks so you can see the results, although I’ll give warning first 😉

I had to stop myself from ordering so many other products, one thing which I most definitely will be trying are the candles (I wrote this post before the Mr bought me one for Christmas! Review coming soon). They are made with a blend of plant wax and essential oils and you can use the warm wax as a body moisturiser. I’m so excited by this idea!

Do you change your skin care frequently? What is your holy grail skin care brand?

Lots of Love xxx

Source: It’s Only Makeup But I Love It, 29 December 2011