We were not expecting the announcement today to hold off face treatments for another two weeks, but we understand the safety measures taken behind close-contact services such as facials, eyebrow treatments and other treatments to the face.We will continue to only offer hairdressing and body waxing treatments, manicure and pedicure treatments until 15 August.Service that will not be allowed at least until 15 August are eyebrow threading or waxing, facials or any other treatment to the face.Stay safe and the team at Hemaxi Beauty look forward to seeing you all really soon.

Please book online or call our salons for your treatment: www.hemaxibeauty.co.uk

Sparkhill: 0121 792 1933
Kings Heath: 0121 293 2303
Harborne: 0121 572 2437

For the safety of others, please refrain from booking appointments if you have symptoms or have been around people with corona virus.Please see our website for the updated prices and services.